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Sync21 Features

  • On time notifications
  • Personalize ovsync schedule
  • Total preg check list with days since initial breeding
  • Complete cow list showing the date and reason for every cow entered into the app
  • Multi-User capabilities for one farm


Sync21 is a reminder app and data storage center for breeding programs on dairy farms. Its main objective is to help get more cows pregnant. Cows are entered into the app under three different actions: Pg Injected, Ovsync and Bred. The app then sends notifications to the user for each individual cow, depending on which action was selected.

For cows entered in as PG Injected, the user will receive a notification after two days asking if the cow is in heat. If the user says yes, the app will ask if the cow will be bred. If the cow is to be bred, she is automatically added to the preg checklist. The app automatically compiles a list of all bred animals indicating how many days ago they were bred. This makes preg checks with the vet more efficient and timely.

Once a cow is entered as bred, the app will notify the user 21 days later to check for heat and if she is being rebred. The user is also able to enter their own personal ovsync schedule and will receive notifications for ovsync animals based on this schedule.


Why Choose Sync21

  • 1Increase Efficiency

    Adding Sync21 as a tool to your reproduction program will reduce farm costs and increase reproduction efficiency by causing more cow pregnancies. The application has the technology to keep all herds’ reproduction cycles and data at your fingertips, as well as sending specifically timed reminders for individual animals.

    2Feature Rich

    Features like automatic check lists by date, notifications when ovsync injections are due, and heat check reminders save the user time and simplify vet visits. They also ensure that signs of heat are never missed in PG injected, ovsync or short bred cows.

  • 3Effective Communication

    Herd team member communication will no longer be a problem! Sync21 will get your cows and your team in sync as it continually updates each member of the reproduction team whenever an action has been initiated on a cow.

    4More Organized

    Sync21 is a must have for any herd manager who wants more efficient, organized reproduction data and get mores cows bred and pregnant sooner!

Buy the app for just $20.00

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